About Me

Most days, I am an Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of Missouri and a small business owner with decades of experience in project management, information security and video conferencing technology. Other days, I am Vice-President of the Board of Regents at Missouri's premier public institution for technical education and a writer/blogger at Medium and Let's Do Video. Some days I still pull cable, mount TVs, and configure routers as a subcontractor for VCAV and major networking companies.

I have co-authored books and scientific articles, run for office, taught thousands of students, won awards, and presented at dozens of conferences. Details about these types of things are on my VisualCV. I share a lot of material on my YouTube Channels (J Scott Christianson and Project Management Fundamentals) and Slideshare. Details about my more technical projects are available at Instructables, including a kickass RFID stethoscope.

I like new projects, am passionate about teaching and learning, want to travel to outer space, think the Arima Valley is paradise, and am deeply in love with my wife.

If you want to talk or engage me for work, training, or speaking, please connect. I always like to discuss new projects, new ideas, and new ways of thinking.

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