Alicante Course 2018

Welcome. I am using this page as the repository for all my class contents for the course being taught this summer (2018) in Alicante.

Surveying the environment assignments!


  • Before EVERY class, you need to find at least one article to share and discuss with your classmates.
  • Write down three things about the article that you thought were interesting and/or three questions about the topic that you want to explore more.
  • Send these to before each class.
  • Bring (in electric or paper form) to class so you can lead a discussion.



Course Packet:

Course Slides:

Special Reading Assignments (I will tell you when to read):

Assignment Details:

  • Details on Final Project. Including some possible group topics (Groups are free to find their own topic that they want to explore).Download
  • Hard Deadlines
      • By end of day July 5th Thrusday. Agree on a topic, work with Prof C to get a plan of action in place.
      • July 17th at 9am: all powerpoint files are sent to
  • Group Presentation Dates:
    • July 18th: Groups 9, 8,7,6,5,4
    • July 19th: Groups 3,2,1 (+Final)
  • Group Topics
    • Team 1: Space Tourism
    • Team 2: Electronic Nose
    • Team 3: IOT Cases
    • Team 4: Medical Robots
    • Team 5: Genetic Fortune Telling
    • Team 6: Autonomous Vechicles
    • Team 8: Crowdfunding
    • Team 9: Augmented Reality
  • PPT Slides from Team Presentations

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