Deep Medicine is a fantastic book using AI (specifically machine learning) in medicine and its potentials for improving healthcare outcomes. Topol puts forth a vision for ensuring that AI benefits flow to patients and health care workers, not just a tool for the medical-industrial complex to make more money.

The book is very well written and designed for an intelligent but non-technical audience. Topol introduces the basic concepts of machine learning, why it is excellent for radiology, pathology, cardiology, and some of the problems and liabilities encountered when using these algorithmic estimators for diagnosing patients. He also talks about using AI for telehealth and streamlining the paperwork involved in modern medicine. The last two chapters are the most beneficial when he does a critical review of what’s wrong with our medical institutions. Topol also provides a vision for the future in which doctors and healthcare providers can use their empathetic skills to produce better outcomes while offloading the routine and mundane to machines. Highly recommend.

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