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What is Blockchain


High-Level Explanation

More Detailed Explanation

Other Resources to Explain Blockchain

  • Let’s Play the Blockchain Game

Private Keys

Blockchain Explorers

Introduction to Crypto as an investment

Taxes: Crypto as Income

Taxes: Crypto as a Gift

Taxes: Crypto as Property

Taxes: Using Cryptocurrency to buy Goods or Services

Online Shopping

Crypto Debit/Credit Cards

Taxes: Documentation

These sites will convert your crypto trades to IRS Format or a format that integrates with your tax software or consolidate all your transactions by reading a blockchain.

Tax Planning: Loss Harvesting

Tax Planning: Self Directed Roth IRA

Tax Planning: Charitable Remainder Trust

Tax Planning: Location, Location, Location!

Estate Planning: Key Management

Tax Software for Crypto

Referenced or Related IRS Documents

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  • IRS Publication 561 – “Determining the Value of Donated Property”
  • IRS Notice 2014-21 – IRS Virtual Currency Guidance