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Think in The Future Tense

Emerging technologies like Blockchain and the "internet of things" (IoT) promise to transform industries, making them more productive with much less cost and environmental impact. But these technologies will only be useful if organizations understand, trust and adopt them. And right now, just understanding what these technologies are can be difficult to understand even for the brightest in our fields. Scott's talks help business and "non-technical" managers understand the impact that these technologies will have their business, our society and our collective future. Topics:

  • The Blockchain Game (Talk or Interactive workshop for any size group).
  • Thinking Critically About Regulating Artificial Intelligence (Talk or Interactive Workshop for small groups (participants program Amazon Alexas)).
  • The Internet of Things and the "Smart" Life (Talk or Interactive Workshop for small groups (partipants make an IoT sensor and connect to "Cloud")).

Let's Talk About The Future