Here you will find exercises, lessons and classroom activities that you can use with your groups and classes to learn about the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution.
Link to The Block Chain Game

The Blockchain Game

"The Blockchain Game" is a hands-on exercise that explains blockchain's core principals, and serves as launching pad for discussion of blockchain's real-world applications.  In the Blockchain Game students act as nodes and miners on a blockchain network for storing student grades for at a university. Participants record the grade and course information, and then "build the block" by calculating a unique identifier (aka a Hash) to secure the grade ledger, and miners get rewarded for their work. As the game is played, the audience learns about hashs, private keys, and what uses are appropriate for a blockchain ledger.

Understanding Emerging Technologies

A short video course focusing on the drivers of exponential technologies, and models that can help us navigate the fourth industrial revolution.

Making a Smart Planet with IoT

Coming Soon

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