Turning to Teaching

An AI Reader

Introductory Information

How AI is being used in Medicine

Adversarial AI or Adversarial machine learning

Morality and AI

AI, Social Media and Society

Learn Machine Learning

  • Both Coursera and Lydia.com have beginning and advanced courses on AI. If you are a member of the Daniel Boone Regional Library, you can access Lydia.com for free (at least at the basic level).  
  • Kaggle. Technical. An advanced system for learning about machine learning.
  • Analytics Vidhya. Technical An advanced system for learning about machine learning.

AI Apps

Try out these apps that use AI:

  • Seeing AI from Microsoft (iOS and Android versions available). Image recognition software that helps the visually impared.
  • Optimize Fitness (iOS) uses your personal data to try to optimize exercise for you.

Other interesting applications


Recent interviews about Teaching

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