Never one to pull his punches, Professor Galloway lays out the problems of democracy, education, and capitalism in this short book that predicts what a post-Corona future holds for humanity. Unlike Fareed Zakaria’s book, Galloway offers lots of opinions about why our systems of capitalism, the government are screwed up and what to do about it.

Galloway examines many different areas of our world, from big tech and retail to elections and higher education. A “class-traitor,” tenured-professor Galloway reserves his harshest criticism for higher education and his profession (still not sure that Mike C. didn’t ghostwrite this part of the book?).

I enjoyed this book, and I think it provides a lot more insight into how we should shape the future. You will undoubtedly find opinions that you differ from or dislike in this book. But you’ll also find some challenging ideas that will challenge the way you think about how the world currently works or should work in a post- Corona scene.

I highly recommend this well-written short read.

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