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Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the internet of things (IoT) promise to transform industries, making them more productive with much less cost and environmental impact. But these technologies will only be useful if organizations understand, trust, and adopt them.

And right now, just understanding what these technologies are can be difficult, even for the brightest in their fields. Scott helps people understand the impact that these technologies will have on business, society, and our collective future.


The COVID-19 crisis has moved the future forward; transformations that might have taken decades will now take years or months, as the world’s commerce and information flows are re-invented. This acceleration in the pace of change makes understanding new technologies a critical skill that can empower us to shape the future. All of my talks examine the technologies that are transforming our world and how we design a post-covid future that is sustainable and equitable.

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Smart Homes, Smart Farms, Smart Cities and the Internet of Things

Our world seems to be getting smarter, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). Cheap electronics, a robust set of tools, and growing libraries of projects have enabled our surroundings to become “smart” and have empowered everyday innovators. Modern-day Edisons can inexpensively and quickly create new inventions using IoT devices. Already several Missouri entrepreneurs have used this technology to create thriving businesses. Let’s explore these tools are being used to shape the future!

Meet the Learning Machine

How Artificial Intelligence is transforming our world!

Artificial Intelligence, in the form of Machine Learning (ML), has already transformed medicine, retail sales, and other industries. It is about to enter all our lives, whether we want it or not! In this session, we will quickly develop a basic understanding of AI, and its advantages, applications, and difficulties.

Blockchain Basics

Let's Play The Blockchain Game!

Blockchain technology can be a game-changer for accounting, supply chain, banking, contract law, and many other fields. But blockchains will only be useful if lots of people understand, trust, and adopt them. Enter “The Blockchain Game,” a hands-on exercise that explains the core principles of blockchains and serves as a launching pad for a discussion of blockchain’s real-world applications.

We’ll play the blockchain game, explore current blockchain projects, and have an open discussion about what blockchain will mean for your profession.

5G, Blockchain, and Self-driving Cars

Why does the pace of change keep getting faster?

Why does the pace of change seem to be quickening? There is a reason! “Exponential” technologies are causing massive disruption to our world and livelihoods. Let’s take a close look at what drives these technologies, the positive and negative effects on markets and nations, and develop an “exponential mindset” to anticipate digital disruptions.

Turning to Teaching

Going from Industry Leader to Classroom Teacher

Our small planet has some big problems. Luckily young adults want to tackle these challenges and make their own dent in the world. Now is the time to use your experience and expert judgment to help the next generation of project managers and business leaders develop and perform as highly as possible. Whether it is as an adjunct professor, a guest lecturer, or an online tutor, this session will jumpstart you on your journey to becoming a master teacher.

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