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In the wake of COVID-19, we’re rapidly stepping into an accelerated future. What once took decades is now happening in years, transforming global commerce and information in exciting (and sometimes scary) ways. Artificial intelligence is at the heart of this transformation, especially generative AI, which redefines what’s possible by creating content and solving complex problems with human-like ingenuity and accuracy. All of Scott’s talks delve into the groundbreaking technologies reshaping our world, including Generative AI, and explore how we can design a future that is sustainable and embraces the vast potential of these innovations.

Melissa Hill
Melissa Hill
IT Strategic Project Manager, Missouri University of Science & Technology
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Scott was the primary speaker for PMI Mid-Missouri's PMs in the AM events. He provided valuable and insightful information on numerous PM topics. His sessions were interactive, engaging and very popular. His topics included "Welcome to the Project, Alexa" and "Minecraft for SCRUM." I hope Scott will present again soon. I recommend him as a knowledgeable and talented speaker.
Collin Bunch
Collin Bunch
Marketing & Communications Officer, VentureWell
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Scott is the rare combination of a dynamic presentor with a true entrepreneurial approach to solving problems.
Katie Steele Danner
Katie Steele Danner
Executive Director, Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation, Inc.
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Scott's interactive blockchain game really explained how the blockchain technology (which is what crypto is built on) is also applicable to other industries and practical applications. It was a fun way to learn a very complicated mathematical equation! This was important as our attendees come from many different sectors and are also diverse in age and geography. He was prepared, fun to work with, and provided value to our event all the while teaching us about this emerging tech.


Meet the Learning Machine

Balancing Innovation and Ethics in the Era of ChatGPT and Machine Learning

In this session, we delve into the transformative impact of AI, focusing on ChatGPT and advanced machine learning technologies. As AI redefines the landscape across various sectors, including medicine, retail, and more, we explore the emerging paradigm of hybrid human-machine collaboration with live demonstrations. Prof. C will guide us through the nuances of AI-driven automation, highlighting both the enhancements in productivity and the potential risks like manipulation and disinformation. This talk provides a comprehensive understanding of AI’s capabilities and challenges, emphasizing the need for ethical considerations in this unstoppable technological wave. Join us to unravel how AI is reshaping our world and what it means for the future of industries and individual lives.

Blockchain And Digital Assets

Let's Play The Blockchain Game!

Blockchain technology can be a game-changer for accounting, supply chain, banking, contract law, and many other fields. But digital assets stored on blockchains will only be useful if lots of people understand, trust, and adopt them. Enter “The Blockchain Game,” a hands-on exercise that explains the core principles of blockchains and serves as a launching pad for a discussion of blockchain’s real-world applications.

We’ll play the blockchain game, exploring the world of digital money and assets along the way!  [Background Paper: NFT Art Investments: An Evolution in Kind and in Contract]

The Future of Money

Central Bank Digital Currencies

Scott navigates the complex landscape of CBDCs for you, highlighting what distinguishes them from decentralized cryptocurrencies. He highlights their potential for facilitating efficient payments and fostering financial inclusivity, but also raises important concerns regarding privacy and government oversight. Prof. C’s projections include widespread adoption of CBDCs globally, with slower uptake in the US and EU due to banking sector interests, and a strategic use by China that could challenge the US dollar’s dominance. This presentation’s insights will help your audience understand into how CBDCs might reshape the financial world. [Background Paper: The Brave New World of Central Bank Digital Currencies]

Leading in A Zero Trust World

Building Trust in an Age of AI, Deepfakes, and Misinformation

Today we all must confront the growing crisis of trust and misinformation in the digital age, marked by AI-generated content, deepfakes and threats to our understanding of the world. The discussion highlights how vulnerable our ways of conducting business are to these threats and how we can reevaluate how we define and create trust. The talk aims to equip attendees with insights and strategies to navigate the current “zero-trust” world and shape a trustworthy digital future.

The Digital Globe

Smart Homes, Smart Farms, Smart Cities and the Internet of Things

Our world seems to be getting smarter, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). Cheap electronics, a robust set of tools, and growing libraries of projects have enabled our surroundings to become “smart” and have empowered everyday innovators. Modern-day Edisons can inexpensively and quickly create new inventions using IoT devices. Already several Missouri entrepreneurs have used this technology to create thriving businesses. Let’s explore these tools are being used to shape the future!

Custom Topics and Workshops

If you’re seeking a tailored experience that specifically addresses the unique needs and interests of your organization, just reach out to discuss your needs. Beyond these established speaking topics, Scott offer custom talks and interactive workshops, crafted to align with your goals and audience. Whether you’re looking for a deep dive into a particular subject or a broad overview of a complex theme, Scott will work closely with you to create a custom presentation that resonates with and inspires your team. Let’s collaborate to make your event truly memorable and impactful.

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