An excellent book that takes a balanced approach to developing a mindset for coping with a future in which AI is more and more part of our life. A short read but highly referenced and researched (I think I got an additional ten books to read from his bibliography!). Roose lays out the issues that AI and automation pose for society and the individual. Moreover, it makes it clear that 1. Changes to our personal and work lives are happening right now, and 2. It is up to humans to decide how much we allow AI and automation to change our lives.

“This is the truth about the AI revolution. There is no looming machine takeover, no army of malevolent robots plotting to rise up and enslave us…. It’s just people, deciding what type of society that we want.”

“Executives, not algorithms, decide whether to replace human workers. Regulators, not robots, decide what limits to place on emerging technologies like facial recognition and targeted digital advertising.”

Highly Recommend!

Amazon Link: Future Proof