Green Lights is an exciting snack of a read. This autobiographical tale is well written and funny/crazy. It will answer a lot of the questions you didn’t know you had. Like: Who has a wet dream and sees it as a sign to buy a one-way ticket to Africa the next morning? Matthew Fucking McConaughey, that’s who!

In the printed book, McConaughey includes scans of his journals, poems, scribbles, etc. None of these additions seemed to engage me. So I skipped them. But in the main text, he talks about his life and his philosophy on various challenges the world throws at him. And how sometimes “red lights” turn into “green lights,” or perhaps they were green all along??? He’s a little bit crazy, but probably we all should be a little bit crazier. I wouldn’t recommend buying unless you are a true Matthew McConaughey fan. Instead, I would pick this up at your local library for a weekend. If you want a short preview, listen to McConaughey on the Tim Ferris show.

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