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Having been a project manager for over a decade—and having taught hundreds of classes and workshops on project management—I wanted a textbook that would be:

  • Designed for a “flipped” classroom structure. A textbook with short and concise readings with appropriate videos embedded. A student workbook for taking notes while reading so students are ready to work on exercises in class, instead of listening to a lecture that repeats, or tries to clarify, a complicated textbook.
  • Accessible to my students, and not bogged down with academic language or irrelevant research. Something that would provide students with a good introduction to basic vocabulary and concepts without using a lot of technical language.
  • Granular, so that each section would focus on one topic and just that topic. This way, instructors can assign just the sections or chapters they want and not be worried that students will get sidetracked with material that the instructor doesn’t want to focus on in their course.
  • Focused on the essentials of project management. There is a lot to learn in project management, but with a good understanding of the essentials, students can learn advanced concepts and the “exceptions to the rules” on their own.

Creative Commons Version

This text was originally released under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) License. Under this license, you are free to:

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Download Textbooks Files

Use the link below to download the Creative Commons version of Project Management Fundamentals including the Student Workbook. You are free to re-use for non-commercial purposes as long as you provide attribution

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Commercial Version

I am happy to announce that Great River Learning has agreed to publish my textbook, Project Management Fundamentals, as part of their library. GRL is known for developing great online texts that are also affordable and easy to use. GRL will be able to take Project Management Fundamentals to the next level and provide more value to instructors and students.

The text is already available online and available for ordering (ISBN: 9781680754926). Additional chapters and improvements are being added . For more information or to order, please contact Billee Jo Hefel at Great River Learning (, phone: 563-589-7042). She can also arrange online access to the current content.

Videos and Slides from Textbook

Project Management Fundamentals Textbook

Here are links to the videos (and slides used to create them) for Project Management Fundamentals.

Chapter 1: Project Management Defined

Video 1.1 What is a Project

Video 1.2 Scope Triangle and the Project Priority Matrix

Video 1.3 A lack of risk management planning led to one of the most famous bridge collapses.


Chapter 3: Project Management Organizations

Video 3.1 Project Management Organizational Structures 


Chapter 5: Project Selection Methods

Video 5.1 NPV Calculations using Excel

Video 5.2 IRR Calculations using Excel


Chapter 7: Time and Resource Estimation

Video 7.1 Project Time Estimates

Video 7.2 Summary of Top Down estimation

Video 7.3 Summary of Bottom Up Estimation


Chapter 8: Project Networks

Video 8.1 Project Networks

Video 8.2 The forward and backward pass

Video 8.3 Task Relationships and Lags

Video 8.4 Network Solution 1 w Lags


Chapter 9: Schedule Compression

Video 9.1 Fast Tracking

Video 9.2 Laddering

Video 9.3 Crashing a Project


Chapter 10: Earned Value Management

Video 10.1 Calculating and Understanding Cost Variance

Video 10.2 Calculating and understanding Schedule Variance

Video 10.3 Why measuring time with money can be problematic

Video 10.4 Cost Performance Index

Video 10.5 Schedule Performance Index

Video 10.6 CPI and CV, compares PV with AC

Video 10.7 Forecasting Costs (ETC, EAC, VAC)